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At the Crossroads of the World, Turkey Charts Its Own Course on Ukraine

Turkey has largely stuck by NATO on Ukraine, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely back in line with the West’s foreign policy interests

To Win Over India, Washington Needs to Embrace Its Demands for Independence

After visits from the foreign ministers of China and Russia, the U.S. secretaries of State and Defense head to India on April 11 — but experts say not to expect quick change from New Delhi

Xi Put ‘No Limits’ on China’s Support for Russia. He Might Be Regretting That

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine attracts worldwide opprobrium, China is having trouble navigating relations with its only major ally, opening opportunities for the United States

Despite Friction Over the Nuclear Deal, Iran Is Sticking By an Unpopular Russia — for Now

Moscow’s attempt to weaponize its influence over Iran to retaliate against Western sanctions has laid bare the impermanence of geopolitical friendships

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