As Bitcoin’s Price Falls, Retail Investors Stay the Course
Morning Consult’s financial services analyst Charlotte Principato examines the bitcoin purchase intentions of current owners and consumers more broadly
The Walmart and Litecoin News Was Fake, but Walmart and Bitcoin Have Potential
Morning Consult financial services analyst Charlotte Principato delves into Walmart’s customer base to discover Bitcoin ownership among customers of different shopping frequencies

Financial Policy

Congressional Republicans Now Lead Generic Ballot Among Child Tax Credit Recipients

46% of voters who received the expired pandemic-era benefit say they’ll back a Republican in the midterms

Congressional GOP Has Biggest Trust Advantage on Inflation

By a 14-point margin, voters trust Republicans in Congress over Democrats to handle the rising cost of goods

Most Voters of All Parties Support Congressional Stock Trading Restrictions

More than 3 in 5 voters back a ban on stock trading for lawmakers, including 69% of Democrats and 58% of Republicans

Economists Say 2022 Is the Year of Inflation. Can the Public and Policymakers Get on the Same Page?

From politics to markets, there’s an expectation from economists that inflation will continue to echo throughout the country next year

Buy Now, Pay Later

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Users Significantly More Likely to Overdraft Than Nonusers
Morning Consult logistic regression analysis shows correlation between U.S. BNPL users and those who have overdrafted accounts
How ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Consumers Differ From Credit Card Users
U.S. respondents who have used a BNPL service report more income volatility and poorer financial well-being compared to those in a household with a credit card, writes Morning Consult’s financial analyst Charlotte Principato

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