Oil and Gas

About 7 in 10 Voters Say They Would Back a Federal Gas Tax Holiday

Democrats are more likely to support a gas tax holiday than Republicans, though not by much

Public Interest in Gas Stoves, Heating Systems Has Inched Down Over the Past Year

But the movement has been slight: 50% of U.S. adults express interest in gas stoves, down from 55% in 2021

Parsing Net Zero: Given Information on Emissions Types, Half of the Public Says Oil Sector Must Do More Than It Has Pledged

But when asked about pledges in broader strokes, the public is split: 31% say their level of ambition is “just right,” and a nearly equivalent share said they do not go far enough

Voters Are Split on Whether to Ban New Offshore Drilling Nationwide

Following California oil spill, 45% of voters support a ban on future offshore drilling in the state


Following NRC Denial, Oklo Says It Plans to Promptly Resubmit Its Advanced Reactor Application

Nuclear company’s co-founders tell Morning Consult that they anticipate little time will be lost as they restart the application process

A New Frontier for Nuclear: Partnering With Utilities on Decommissioned Coal Sites

Taking cues from TerraPower’s demonstration project, utilities are increasingly interested in using brownfield sites for advanced nuclear, stakeholders say

Nuclear Tax Credit Would Mean ‘Level Playing Field’ With Other Renewables, Former DOE Head of Nuclear Says

Baranwal says subsidies could reverse trend of plant closures, crucial for meeting emissions goals

Nuclear Experts Expect Biden to Pick Up Where Trump Left Off, With Bigger Focus on Zero-Carbon Bona Fides

Advocates push for nuclear-specific positions across executive branch, including NSC representation

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